Doric’s Cake of the Month – August!


We held yet another fabulous competition on September the 1st, in celebration of all the wondrous cakes that have been shared with us over the month of August.

Between all of the Doric girls and guys, we brought together 5 totally ace cakes, from which our amazing, cake-loving public could choose from… To decide who should be be bestowed with the title of Doric’s “Cake of the Month”, for August!

First up, was Tara’s Creative Cakes, and her outstanding display window cake. The festival’s theme was “Blockbuster Movies”, and it totally made sense (what with it being a sweet shop and all!), that Tara would go on to make something “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” inspired!! In total, it is a massive 60″ x 18″, and as we can all imagine, had to be delivered in two halves. We were super impressed with all of the different elements that came together to make this amazing piece of work… So much hard work, and thought obviously went into it… 11951340_1003723352981345_8417404996732116423_n

Next up, was this jam-packed “Alice in Wonderland” design by Cakey Bakes Cakes… Created using paints, airbrush, and modelling work, it brought together so much of her decorating talent. We were super impressed… 11219590_1003724112981269_8972137204713383342_n

The third cake in this month’s competition – and the overall winner! CONGRATULATIONS!! – came from Kiss Me Cake, and it is another truly astounding piece of work. Julie’s brief was to create “The Royal Wedding Cake”, but for only 100 guests. After budget discussions (who doesn’t like those?), this is the design that she came up with! The bottom five cakes are dummies too, which we love, because as suppliers of cake dummies, it is always great to see how they go on to be used… A much deserved winner, although in our minds, any of these guys, could have taken the crown! 11951961_1003724369647910_372533866488438305_n

Our fourth contender came courtesy of Edible Treasures, and it is such a beautiful sweetie of a cake!  Made for her sister and brother in law’s silver wedding anniversary, we just love how “the sister” gave her a picrture of what kind of cake she wanted, and it was Dawn’s role to Get. It. Done! (We’ve all been there people! We’ve all been there!). We can’t help but feel that Dawn truly succeeded… The colour, and the detail on the top is just gorgeous to behold… And the tiny rose buds near the base are a beautiful touch… A fab piece of work. 11214134_1003724629647884_2908007503899728471_n

And last, but most certainly not least, this brilliant work by Southwell Cakery. Shared with us over on our Twitter account, we just knew that this super sophisticated chalkboard extravaganza had to be a part of our competition. Everyone can be inspired by a chalkboard design… Not least us!


Well done to all of our contenders, and a big congratulations to our winner. Another brilliant competition… We hope everyone enjoyed the fun! xx