Doric’s Cake of the Month – July 2015!


5 contenders. A couple of hours. And many an eager member of the public wanting to get in on the act! Another faultless Cake of the Month was had this Friday – the last of July…

We are so happy to announce that Gary off of Gaz’s Cakery, in the end, managed to grab that crown, to be proclaimed the winner of July’s competition! With, at the count of votes, a whopping 107 “likes”.

When we saw Gary’s “Beauty and the Beast” work, we were taken right back to our childhood…We can distinctly remember sitting in our local cinema, feeling quite overwhelmed by that ball scene… Good times!

Both the Cogsworth and Lumière characters are edible and show off Gary’s amazing modelling skills – here, modelled from chocolate, (whilst the rose is made from flowerpaste). The technical ability is fanastic, and the cake really puts us in mind of Belle’s dress. Really is quite the beauty…


 But there were other people involved too! And they proved to be quite the competition… We don’t know why we did it to the public, but they had to choose their winner, from these other outstanding contenders…

Mr Baker’s Cakes – with his oh-so-cool ‪#‎40FEST‬ festival cake! That’s right, there is was a hashtag involved!!

This is a cake that was made in celebration of a man’s 40th birthday, to go along side the ACTUAL FESTIVAL that his wife ACTUALLY threw for him, in his honour!!! Who IS this lady!? What a star!

As you can see, this massive cake is choco blocked with different, amazing elements by Mr B (and literally so… the tree stump, is chocolate cake!). Everything is edible, from the vanilla cake-filled drum and accompanying drumsticks; two life-size pint cups of cider (one spilt and one not), containing bubbly piping gel cider; floral head band; a muddy welly and flag (but of course); and also Rayban Wayfarers (because what other brand would a festival go-er wear people?!)

There is also the super added element of printed cup labels – designed by Mr. B himself – with a QR code, which actually takes you to Mr. B’s website and the barcode reads ‘Happy Birthday’.

Very cool extras indeed, and they made us feel very small, and untalented!!


Made by the Hayley Wisken cakes‘ and a certain husband and wife team, we’re not sure if we were impressed by the “Monster’s University” cake itself, or just plain ol’ jealous that a couple have found cake heaven with each other!!

Though they don’t always get to work with each other, (because of work commitments), when Hayley and her other half – Michael – do manage to make it happen, cake magic is quite obviously the end result! Hayley informs us that she doesn’t know the secret between their working relationship, but we’ll ensure to let everyone know, if she ever finds out!

Apparently Mike made the frame work, building up the RKT around the legs, and also piped, whilst Hayley baked and carved the cake. It’s so outstanding, that we were kind of shocked when it was posted to our page!


People who know us, know that we can’t resist a lemon coloured cake, so Emma Mathews was probably in with a greater chance than most!! 😀  Made all not that long ago, for her nephew’s wedding, the big day itself was an amazing vintage and country style barn wedding, and this design sums up those two elements beautifully.

What we were so impressed with, was that Emma had not made many sugar flowers before this… We know for a fact, that making these flowers, has already boosted her confidence, and we are sure that Em is going to go from strength to strength in her flower making quest!! 


And last, but most certainly not lease, was Emma Roberts “off of” Emmazing Bakes, with her quite outstandingly epic wedding cake… Let’s hope that they happy couple are being brought together here, and not being torn apart!!

No seriously – Emma designed and made a dummy version of this cake, for Cake International last year – and lucky for her – a future bride and groom saw it, and snapped it up!

Emma explained to us how it was considerably more tricky to make for real, particularly with the time constraint, in which to decorate the beast! However – we pretty much feel that it came together… Just look at this end result! It is amazing! We are super impressed! Well done Em xxx


And there we have it. Yet another shockingly good competition. Now forgive us… We need to rest our eyes and our hearts… We need a break, before August’s competition comes rolling over the hill! xxx