Doric’s Cake of the Month – May 2015!


Well. Really… Talk about being a show off… Who needs to win it twice really?! Really!!?? 

Cake of the Month is getting increasingly spectacular… And with it, increasingly difficult to know who is going to be put forward as a contender and who is not! This month, the cake share-ers surpassed themselves, and we believe the public had an absolute gorgeous and diverse array of cakes to select from…

First up, the quite clearly amazing Julie Cains Cakes!

This little beauty of a pony had received so much love since it was shared with us in the second half of the month, that we thought our poor Facebook page was going to have a meltdown with all of the “likes” it was receiving!

It is Julie’s most recent cake, and the biggest challenge yet to her cakey repertoire. We just think it is the most delightful sculptural work – and the lady herself look pretty happy with the result too! Don’t you think… 🙂



We really love this… Made for a lovely little boy, Melanie from The Custom Cakery could really go to town with this design… All that “the mum” wanted was an elephant, stripes and spots – but everything else, up to lovely Mel!

In the creator’s own words, it’s a “full on circus theme” – and we think, from the choice of colours, to the decoration, to the fabulous neat, and clean finish – it is a dream. Beautiful. xx

We’ve always wanted to run away with the circus… 🙂



Step forward this beauty by Sweet Side of Cakes! We just think that this cake is unique, pretty, exquisite… It was made by Khamphet for her mum, in celebration of the last Mother’s Day. Her mum told her to not buy any flowers to mark the occasion – as they sometimes do… – so guess what?! Khamphet did the only thing she could… She made her a vanilla, with vanilla buttercream cake instead! It is absolutely gorgeous and incorporates so many “first times”… from the making of the Lotus flowers, to dusting, to using gumpaste to make the flowers. We L.O.V.E. 

So pleased that she shared this beautiful work with us…



And so to another unique and pretty stunner… And we’ll be honest and say that Teté Cakes Design really caught us hook, line, and sinker here, because we were in love from the moment that she shared it with us!

Just look at those stripes… The Tiffany coloured bow… The flowers…

It may have been a “very laborious” design for her to complete, but we are in awe! We’re pretty sure that anyone would love to be presented with this gorgeous piece of cakey design. We’re super happy with this one! 






And then – of course – to the winner! And what a cheek! 2nd time! 2nd time! And this time, winning with an out of this world 214 “likes” – and of course, even after the close of vote, “likes” are still trawling in for this one!!

Clare’s Cakes – Wedding Cakes in Leicestershire is just a perfectionist… Surely! Her work is stunning, and she just keeps on knocking out these high quality cakes, easy breezy… We basically loose our balance looking at them! Just look at those flowers… Who can resist for crying out loud?! We, and the public, obviously couldn’t!