Doric’s Cake of the Month – November 2015!


We’ve done it again guys, and for the last time in 2015…

First up, we had Emma Matthews’ Gold-Award-Winning Cake International 2015 cake, and if you don’t like mice, then please look away now! 😀

Stemming from the simple and humble cotton reel, look closely here and there, because you may be able to see amongst the hundreds of flowers, and tiny buttons, mice upon mice upon mice!

We think this is an absolutely outstanding piece of work, and the last time we spoke to Emma it was taking up space on her dining room table… We’re wondering if it is still there!


Many first’s were addressed with this brilliant Dalek cake by Lisa’s Simply Sweet…

1st time making a Dalek.
1st time using a birdcage dummy.
And 1st time using lights for something other than a vehicle!

Standing at 23” tall, we can all empathise with Lisa, when she said that it took forever to hand paint it gold. And funnily enough, when she initially shared the work with us, she said that she wasn’t a “pro”… We’re thinking otherwise Lisa! We’re thinking otherwise! 🙂


Next up was, Nina from Môn Cottage Cupcakes, and her outstanding wedding cake.

Winning Merit at Cake International 2015, it is so very appropriate for the season… 😀

All hand painted, with deadly nightshade sugar flowers (~very~ Tim Burton!), leaves and berries, with a custom made stencil of a Welsh Blanket design. It is just fabulous… We absolutely love the colours, and we’re not surprised by all of the publicity this work received. xx


Last, but definitely not least, the winner of our fabulous competition…  Calynda Cakes, with a piece of work and an accompanying story that just tugs on the heartstrings. (If you are an animal lover as much as we are, then get ready to completely bawl your eyes out!).

Lynda worked tirelessly (with the help of other cake friends for guidance), to make a carved cake that resembled Ben, the Westie: the much loved pet of the owner of Calynda’s local pet shop, and who sadly passed away…

What an honour to be asked, and what a tribute to Ben… Calynda did so well, with what must have felt like, buckets of pressure!  A lovely piece of work…