Doric’s Cake of the Month – September 2015!


September turned out to be a fabulous month for fabulous cakes, and although it was hard to choose our contenders, in the end, we selected 5 amazing pieces of work, for the cakey loving public to choose their winner from…

First up, and our overall winner with a MASSIVE 71 likes, was Cakes by Wendy Woo, and her beautifully elegant layered and frilled wedding cake. Made for a totally laid-back bride… (so obviously never been a BBC “Don’t Tell the Bride” participant then!), this was Woo’s first ever wedding cake! But it was more than one rite of passage! This cake was also the first time that she had created a wired flower arrangement, as well as her first ever 3-tiered cake. SO MANY FIRSTS! The bride was so happy with her cake, and we can all see why…  The colours, the simplicity, the elegance. It’s basically a Vera Wang cake!

Our second contender came in the shape of Deb Williams Cakes and her absolutely gorgeous log-slice-cake, with flower arrangement and bird on top. Made for her own wedding anniversary… THAT’S RIGHT! HER own WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! we felt that this was just one of the best and most adorably sweet, log-slice-cakes we have ever seen. With a beautiful gum paste bird on top (… which we can, under good authority say, is based upon an Eastern Bluebird, and not, we repeat, NOT a Robin…) and an absolutely divine cold porcelain, hand made flower arrangement to the side, we just think this is an absolute success!


Our third contender for the day came from the wonderstuff that is Bluebird-cakes… She sure knows how to knock them straight out of the park, and we are unashamed to say we are here, and ready to catch ’em! A cheeky little monkey, for a cheeky kinda Friday, this cake seemed the right way to go!

As always from Bluebird, an amazing level of craftsmanship evident in the modelling, with the sweetest and most characterful colours on the block! The balloon also totally swung it for us. Yet another triumph from her catalogue of artistry…


Our 4th cake contender we believe to be  some other kind of level of bee’s knees, which we didn’t know existed. Who knew that a book, that’s actually a cake could get us so excited! Kind of like Hogwarts, but Hogwarts, meets some kind of historical detail, which we are not very informed of!

Won by a gentleman, or “chap” (totes spiffy), in a raffle, Aboutcake ran with Sir’s brief, to create a book cake that had a raven on one side, and a lion on the other. It’s almost too simple a brief to be real! It’s vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, and the coats of arms are entirely made up and hand painted.

We were informed that the gentleman was very pleased with his cake, which in the words of the caker-maker, is “just as well as he drove 3 hours to collect it”… Fabulous work, fabulous story…


And last, but not least… Beyoncé may have asked for all the ‪#‎SingleLadies‬ to put their hands up, but we’re doing a massive shout-out to all the C.E.O’s out there, because just take a look at Sweet Things – Cakes by Rebecca, with her showin-them-who’s-boss boxing glove cake. Such a fabulous piece of sculptural work, with a high visual impact. Top-notch stuff indeed!


And there we have it! Another brilliant Cake of the Month competition… Another fabulous group of cake contenders, and one totally beautiful winner…

Till the next time hey? xxx