Lion Cupcake Tutorial – Rooooaaarr!!!


We all love a good tutorial…. and even more so when it’s for something as cute as this!!!

So here you go! Step by Step courtesy of Laura Moore at Enchanted Cupcakes!

What you will need ( of course all available from Doric Cake Crafts)


 9″ Rolling Pin – 33G-155
Edible Glue – 27J-E12104
M&B Sugar Paste – Orange – 21M-SPOR05
M&B Sugar Paste – Yellow – 21M-SPLM05
M&B Sugar Paste – Brown – 21M-SPBR05
Gum Tragacanth – 27J-E12204
Piping Grass Nozzle – Used as a cutter – 33B-127
Foam Ball Halves – 33H-103
Modelling Ball Tool – 33C-115
Medium Point Brush – 33F-104
Sugar Pearls – 26P-190
Small Workboard – 33G-381
Cutter Set – 35P-100
Cupcakes! Flat Topped with Buttercream.

Treat your fondant with Gum Tragacanth before rolling it to approximately 3mm thick.



Use a 78mm round cutter to cut a circle.


Use a spatula or the back of a knife to put lines around the edge of the circle to represent the lions mane.


Use the spatula to lift the circle onto the centre of your foam dome half ensuring it is central. Try to keep it circular!


Use your hand to GENTLY bring the edges down over the foam ball half by pushing it towards the foam without reshaping it or smudging the lines. This part does take practice but once you’ve done it a couple of times it really is simple, just remember to be gentle and don’t pull it down into place or it will change the shape.


Roll the yellow fondant, you need this to be nice and thin (much thinner than the orange).


Use a 48mm circle cutter and your piping nozzle to cut one large and 2 small circles.


Paint some edible glue onto the centre of your orange dome and then apply the larger yellow circle and smooth down gently.


Use your piping nozzle to press a semi-circle into the yellow circle and then use your knife or spatula to create a line from the centre of that smile up to where the lions nose will be.


Roll a small ball of brown fondant and attach with edible glue to form a nose.


Use the small end of your ball tool to press 2 small eye sockets above the nose.


Add either a small ball of black sugar paste or 2 small black sugar pearls as eyes – I use sugar pearls as they catch the light and give more life to the eyes.


Place the smaller yellow circle of sugar paste into the palm of your hand and use the larger end of the ball tool to shape it. You do this by gently pressing it onto the fondant and drawing it around in a gentle circle.


Do this to both circles – these will be the ears.


Attach the ears with some edible glue to the top of the yellow face as shown. The topper is now complete – you can leave to dry on the foam halves.

Once they are dry they can be stored for several weeks inside a cardboard box before placing onto a cupcake – great if you have lots to make in advance!


Time to add it to your cupcake! Pipe a blob of buttercream onto the top of your cupcake – you will need it to be central and tall rather than wide to ensure it touches the top of the inside of the topper but doesn’t spread out under the topper in the next step.


To remove the topper from the dome former simply squeeze the foam ball from the bottom and gently lift the topper. This can be placed straight onto the buttercream and gently pushed down onto the cupcake.


And there you have it! Lion Cupcakes to astound!!!

So get cracking and show off your Lions!!! We can’t wait to see your creations so please share with us on our Facebook page!

Many thanks to Laura at Enchanted Cupcakes!!